For a friend request list, I spent the night browsing the image Che Guevara. Oke boss. This morning, on the first day of 2009, the design can have my pair. The first is original image, and the second is it's cross stitch pattern, with 6 colors dmc, dimensions 150x140 stitches. If not harmed by this pattern can be completed in a month. Simply click on the download>> FREE USER

This is the picture test result of my experiment paint with yarn.

I use cross stitch techniques in combination with the free-style embroidery. This is the beginning of a new trial. But I am happy with this experiment. Next times I'd like to try this technique of painting on the design of the actual image.

Ideas of this painting I get from the magazine "Voila" published by the Center Culturel Francais Jakarta. While waiting for his wife manage a letter in the French embassy, fad I open the magazine. I found a page about Metissages exhibition of the works that combine the techniques of contemporary art with a French textile handicraft techniques. Then I try my own technique. Such results.

Friends, I write this on Wednesday 31 December 2008 hrs 22:00. This means that in a minute we will come to the 2009. Most of this is a good time stop from the keyboard and

Happy New Year 2009

hopefully beginning to give new inspiration for new things more interesting. Not only in cross stitch art but for the entire life ....
Cross stitch photo is one alternate way to make your photo more artistic.
Now, I will show you how a cross stitch photo born...
Choose your clear foto
ExampleOriginal Photo
Convert the photo to a cross stitch pattern
see the image below (klik to enlarge).
The Cross Stitch Pattern

download link the pattern
7days of cross stitch work

Finished Cross Stitch ready to framed and hang in the wall.

Do you want me to do the same with your photo? Send me your photo via email for free trial.